FaceNiff APK Download [latest 2018 edition]

FaceNiff APK Download [latest 2018 edition]
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FaceNiff APK Download – Hello Welcome back to APK World where you can Download FaceNiff APK file latest version for free and sniff on the Facebook web sessions of other users on the same network. FaceNiff gets its name from a combination of Facebook and Sniff because it was meant to hijack the Facebook sessions of other users on the same network. It has since progressed to include generally hijacking other users’ sessions as long as you are on the same network. If you have heard or used Firesheep, then you are familiar with how FaceNiff works.

Recently we share Soccer Heroes RPG Score Eleven Apk. Once you download FaceNiff APK file latest version, you will need to root your device before you can install and run this app. You will then allow for the installation of unknown sources in the settings since Android devices are by default set to install apps from the Google Play Store alone. With these out of the way, you go to the next stage.

Using FaceNiff is but a breeze. After installing it on your rooted device, change it from Offline to Online in the top left corner of the app to allow it to use the available WiFi network. You can then scan the network for unsecured web sessions which you can easily hijack. The user will not know you have accessed their account unless you see something fishy such as updating their content from your end. Otherwise, you can check whatever you want from their web session and be gone without ever being noticed.

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