Block Breaker 3 Free+ 1.0.6 APK Latest Download

Block Breaker 3 Free+ 1.0.6 APK

Today we see another best android apps Block Breaker 3 Free+ APK where Block Breaker 3 Free+ APK helps you playing a game, killing time, playing with friends, relieve stress, improving your game. If you need brick breaker, arcade game, puzzle game, childhood game, Block Breaker 3 Free+ APK is the best free game, old school, fast-paced, super fun, fun addicting.

Block Breaker 3 Free+ for Android definitely deserves a spot on any brick-breaking gamer’s device for its unique gameplay, cool art design as well as tons of well-designed levels and challenges. It’s the best choice for killing time and having fun, I play it all day and won’t get bored.

The goal of Block Breaker 3 Free+ is to guide your ball to a large star at the end of the level which might be a little different compared to other similar games. However, the game is simple, so it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a novice gamer without basic knowledge of rules about brick-breaking genre. You control a ball running left or right is the maze to access to the big star in limited time, however, once you drop down the ball goes back to the start position. Also, if you leave any bricks unbroken on the journey to the star, you’ll lose points.

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